Meet Laura


Laura Gentile is the owner and president of Guaranteed Horse Products, LLC. An avid student of classical dressage, rider, and champion of all horses, Laura uses her biology background to help create new, natural solutions to old equine problems. Her company's most notable product, Fly Bye Plus, is the only soy based fly spray on the market today. When asked what her unique advantage is in the equine market, Laura will tell you she is a consumer in the very market her company sells in and therefore understands where there are gaps that need to be filled.

Laura's catalyst to start a company dedicated to selling effective, responsible, all-natural equine care products was born from the popularity of the products she created for herself to use. Unhappy with the toxic products on the market for flies, rain rot and thrush, she began researching and creating products to use on her own horse Forte.

With many requests from friends in the equine field, Laura was giving out her products with incredible results. She realized there is a real need for these products in the equine marketplace. That coupled with a desire to make only positive changes in the world, Laura created Guaranteed Horse Products, LLC. Products from her company are currently being distributed worldwide with many happy two and four legged customers!

The motto for her company? "Love your horse, Love your planet". If you don't know Laura personally, that sums her up perfectly and her company's commitment to change the world... one product at a time.