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Fly Bye! Plus


• Provides ultimate protection against Flies, Mosquitos,       Gnats and Ticks

• Soy based

• Combats on a molecular level

• Environmentally responsible

• Cruelty-free


Fly Bye! Plus utilizes a new, revolutionary soy-based technology to create an all-natural fly spray that really works! Our unique soy formula with added geranium oil is designed to give your horse ultimate protection against flies, mosquitos, gnats and ticks. What makes us different? Fly Bye! Plus works on a molecular level.

Here is how it works! When a fly comes near Fly Bye! Plus it actually feels a molecular change in its exoskeleton. For survival the fly will move away from the horse or area that has been sprayed. The result...happy, bug-free horses!

Fly Bye! Plus is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for your horse and the environment. Fly Bye! Plus is also great for goats, sheep, dogs and the areas they live in. All of our products are, of course, cruelty-free and made in the United States.

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Hi Laura,

I tried your Fly Bye spray back in April and was just amazed! I am so tired of fly spray that does not work and yours shocked me at how well it worked. I purchased your product from Big D's when they were offering free shipping.

Thanks for making this amazing spray!       -Cheryl

I received my Fly Bye! on Tuesday. LOVE IT! Thanks for the great product that actually works! Kashmere thanks you as well :)       -Angie

Hi!....regarding the Fly Bye! horse spray. I would like to get your product in my area. I originally purchased the product at Big D's Tack and LOVED it.     -Amanda

Hi, I recently purchased a gallon of "Fly Bye" fly repellant from Big Dee's and I absolutely love your product! I put a "review" on the website indicating how great it works and highly recommend it.

I live in Arizona where temperatures get into the high 100's, and flies are a constant nuisance during spring and summer months. After trying almost every fly repellant available on the market, with little to no success, I purchased "Fly Bye", and right away I could see the difference. With other repellants, I apply to my horse's face, ears, chest and legs, and within an hour or two (or less) the flies come back. with "Fly Bye!", the flies stay off for as long as all day to the next morning. Thank you   - Nancy

Hi, I recently purchased fly bye at valley tack. Couldn't find any spray that would work. Our poor horse kept getting bit up. They recommended your spray and she said she uses it too... I couldn't believe something worked. Thank you.... we recently adopted our horse from a rescue and I shared with them about your product... your stuff is unbelievable. I am glad our horse can graze in piece! Thank you   -Kelly

I found your product on Big Dee's website and wanted to tell you by far it is the best fly spray I have ever purchased.  -Cheryl

I spray it on my hands then wipe it on the horses' face and the flies don't even land on their faces. The love not wearing their fly masks especially in the hot weather and also not having the flies bother their face. And, of course, it worked wonderful on the rest of their body. Talk to you soon.  Summer

Here's something you'll appreciate. Yesterday I was doing hoof wall repair so the horse needs to stand while the patches are being applied. I sprayed the legs with your product. Horse stood still. Flies all over the trimmings on the ground and on my toolbox; no flies on the horse.  -Dan

In my search for fly spray, I ran across your product. The claim re: changes the molecular level was a little difficult to believe. Used it yesterday. Horse was dancing around the work area because of the flies; the horse normally has no problems standing for trims. Your product worked and worked well. Even the flies that tried to land back on the horse flew back off in less than a second. I'm sold. Thanks for your efforts.  -Dan

Hi. At the close of Equine Affaire in Columbus, we purchased two large spray bottles with your fantastic spray. This stuff works! We love the spray and have encouraged the members of the OHC club to use it too.  -Marci

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