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Muck Off!


• All natural healing oils

• Restores skin health

• Acts a a barrier

• Easy roll-on application


Muck Off! is specially formulated for equine dermatitis skin conditions such as mud fever, rain rot and scratches.



I met you at Equine Affaire this year. I purchased a bottle of Muck Off and spoke to you about your fly spray product. Two questions if you have time: When I returned to Pennsylvania, my horse came back to me with a fungus like rash on the neck and shoulders. I used the Muck Off and the lesions were gone within a matter of days. I tried it on another horse with +/- results... but it worked great on my horse          -Beverly

...Last week I was in a local feed and tack store and found your product! WHAT A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!! saw results after the 1st application! I wish now I had taken before, during and after pictures. He still needs to gain weight but his coat is getting to be beautiful! I bathed and groomed him yesterday and had him out in the sun while I was brushing him dry. He actually has a shine to his coat! I cannot believe this is the same horse less than 3 weeks ago and neither can anyone else at the stables that knows him. He is blossoming into a very handsome guy and I have to give some of the credit to Much Off! Muck Off will be a staple in my tack box from now on. But THANK YOU for bringing out the beauty in my big boys nice red coat!  -Mary Jo

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