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Thrush Terminator


• No odor

• No harmful chemicals

• Maintains hoof health in as little as two applications*

• Unique bottle design for easy & effective application

• All natural ingredients


Specially formulated for thrush. Use Thrush Terminator to stop thrush and maintain optimum hoof health.


*results may vary


I bought a bottle at the Midwest Horse Fair. My Cushings horse had had Thrush for over a year and I just could not get it cleared up... his frogs were really bad and open and oozing and abcessing. I bought several different Thrush products at the Horse Fair and tried each one on a different hoof.. I am happy to say, after just a few days, I saw healing on the hoof I treated with Thrush Terminator. So I started using your Thrush Terminator product on all 4 feet and the bottle is almost gone and his frogs look great! Thank you very much.  -Mary

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